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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Calendar Wall Hanging

This is not a tutorial by any means. . . more of a hooray! I got this project done!  Lois and I saw one of these Advent Calendar wall hangings at the Quilt Shop in Colby.  So, of course, we had to buy some panels.  We decided to make four of them--one for Lois and one for each of her children's families.  We started work on them in in October.  I took a panel with me to the Quilt Shop to pick out binding materials.  We used a different binding material for each one.  A week or so later, I got out the backing and the panels to get things ready to take them to be quilted.  I only had three!  Of course, I panicked.  I called the Quilt Shop to see if they had any more panels, and they were sold out.  I found a place online and ordered another panel.  In the meantime, I got into some of the fabric I had bought for the binding. . . guess what I found?  The panel that I had taken along to match fabrics to!  To make a long story longer, we ended up making five of these.  We gave the fifth to Matt's aunt Sarah who is one of the women who got me into quilting in the first place.  Doris Mote of Sharon Springs did the machine quilting.  We had each one quilted with a different pattern.  I did the hanging sleeves and put the binding on.  Needless to say, when you bind five wall hangings in a short amount of time, you really lock the process into your brain.  I will feel quite comfortable binding my next quilting project, should I ever do another one!  Lois ironed flannel onto the back of the figures using Heat and Bond and cut them all out.  I sewed on the buttons and hot glued loops onto the back of the figures to use for hanging on the buttons.  I got the buttons from The General Store in Sharon Springs.  She has such a great selection of buttons, and the price is so reasonable as well!   I bought half-inch dowels at Hennick's, which Matt cut to size for me and drilled holes in the end.  I put yarn through the holes, looped it back up and tied a double knot.  It was one of those projects that seemed like it wouldn't take a lot of time.  However, when you make five of them, it does take a while.  Overall, we were very happy with how they turned out.  And, best of all, they were done by Thanksgiving so are able to be used to countdown to Christmas this year.


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