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Saturday, December 15, 2012

World's Best Hot Cocoa MIx

Growing up, I never had anything but the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa packets.  I always wanted to get the ones with the mini marshmallows in it even though by the time I got my cocoa mixed up they had almost melted away.  So, when I tasted my mother-in-law's deliciously-creamy cocoa, I had to have the recipe for the mix!

My kids often request this after they come in from playing outdoors.  Put it in a cute container or bag, and it makes a great Christmas gift!  I packaged mine up with some homemade peppermint marshmallows this year!

I have recently updated this recipe with homemade versions of the powdered Nesquik and creamer.  My kids and I like it even better than the original--it's cheaper, too!

World's Best Hot Cocoa Mix (adapted from Gloria Woodmancy's recipe in Sharon Springs United Methodist Cookbook)

1 (2.54 pound) canister Nesquik chocolate powder  (Use this recipe for homemade.  I think it took about a quadruple batch to equal 2 1/2 pounds--just use your kitchen scale!)
11 - 12 cups powdered milk
11 ounces creamer  (I have used a double recipe of this homemade creamer with great success!)
2 cups powdered sugar

Place ingredients in a large bowl (I use my huge Tupperware one) and mix well.  To serve, stir 1/3 cup mix into 8 ounces hot water.  If you use the homemade ingredients, use slightly less than 1/3 cup.

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