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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Grant's Quilt

Okay, it's not the prettiest picture--I had to lay it out on the floor in my basement--but here is the finished quilt top for Grant's quilt.  In a frenzy of nesting energy, I got most of it done the week before he was born.  I just had to add the borders and sew the back for the quilt, a feat I accomplished one night when Matt had a meeting and I got all the kids into bed! 

I'm going to take it to my friend Kristy to get it machine quilted.  She owns a quilt shop and has great taste.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.  I will post an update when it is finished.

Our little Grant came two and a half weeks early on June 29th, 2012.  It wasn't that big of a surprise because our last two kiddos were two weeks early as well.  However, for some reason I had decided that he was going to be a while.  He was born on a Friday, and I had made plans to have Maddie's eighth birthday party the following Sunday.  Needless to say, the party was postponed.  I don't think Maddie minded, though.  She was happy to get to see her little brother.

Life has become a bit slower here.  Not that we are not busy, it just takes me more time to get anything done!  I feel very blessed to have a new little one around. 

It was this time last year that we discovered that our dear Isaiah had died.  I remember so clearly the shock of it.

I had a lot of trouble dealing with the fact that I was no longer pregnant, and I did not have a baby to hold.  We were due in January and I remember dreading Christmas--I was supposed to be pregnant during that time.

I prayed hard that, if it was God's will, that we would be able to get pregnant again.  I prayed for all my pregnancies, but I prayed for this one the most.  I cried out to God.  He answered.  We were pregnant before Christmas.  It was still a hard time, but I was so comforted to know we were expecting another baby.

Isaiah has a special place in our family.  He was our fifth child, and I still look forward to being reunited with him in heaven someday.  I don't know why Isaiah had to die, but I know God has been with us every step of the way.

Grant did not replace Isaiah.  He has been, however, a great blessing to our family and a reminder of God's goodness.  We have also experienced him with a new perspective on the fragility of life and the remarkable miracle that is a baby.  Thank you, God, for this little boy!

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.--1 Samuel 1:27


  1. Megan, your words are so comforting to me. Our baby Hannah was born to Heaven in January of 2010 and just a few weeks ago our son David joined his sister. We can't wait to reunite with them both, but it is still such a struggle to not be pregnant and to go through the days that I had planned to be pregnant, like my upcoming birthday, without being pregnant. I'm rambling, but you said it exactly how I feel it. Thank you. Stacy Miller Clark


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