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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Evan and Lyla's Birthday Party (7 & 3, How Can that Be?)

It's been a couple of months since I have last posted anything. I have pictures ready, but I have not had the time to sit down and get anything typed up! With five young kids and homeschooling, I haven't had a lot of extra time. Because of that, I finally decided to combine some of my kids' birthdays to try to reduce some of the busyness. So, my seven year old and three year old got to share a family party. I told Evan that he will get to have a friend over sometime as part of his birthday celebration as well, but we still have to get that on the calendar!

Ready for the party! 

Evan, my farm boy, wanted a combine cake. I found the tutorial for this one here. It was actually fairly simple to make. However, I ended up needing more that one 9 by 13" cake to get it done. Also, I would recommend putting the bin a little farther back on the cake so that it is not putting pressure on the cab. I was trying to get everything done on Friday so that I could just relax on Saturday (the day of the party.) So, I had got the cakes done on Friday afternoon. I was preparing supper when I looked over to see that Evan's cake was slowly slumping to the right. I almost cried! Thankfully, with prayer, lots of frosting, and some additional work on Saturday, I was able to repair the cake. If you can make the space in your freezer, I would recommend putting it in the freezer until a couple of hours before party time to help make sure everything stays put! I plan to write a "cake disaster" post soon detailing how to fix a birthday cake mishap!

At any rate, Evan loved his cake, and even with the repair I thought it turned out well. I did manage to take pictures from an angle that hid the sloping area!

For Lyla, there was no question what to make: Hello Kitty! I am into cake pops right now (thanks to a cake pop maker and recipe book from my sister-in-law for Christmas.) They are so much fun. I found the tutorial for these cute pops here. Lyla was so excited about her Hello Kitty pops. However, I was sad to think that she did not have a cake that she could put a candle in for blowing out. These things are important to three year olds!

I solved that problem by making a small Hello Kitty cake using a leftover scrap for Evan's cake. I froze a small square of cake and then carved it into a Hello Kitty shape. I had enough frosting left over from Evan's cake (and the right colors) to frost it white and put on the eyes, nose, and whiskers. I made the bow out of a double layer of strawberry fruit roll-ups.

I could not resist getting this balloon from Birthday Express. I love the fact that it was almost as big as she was!

Happy Birthday to my exhuberant, loud, and bouncy little girl! I can't believe how quickly you are growing up. I pray that you will use your fire for Jesus' glory!

Happy Birthday to my big boy, my helper, and my inquisitive one. I pray that your faith will deepen in the next year, and that you will seek answers to your questions in His Word.


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