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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Abby's Boots

Made these little boots for my niece's baby shower today.  You use two coordinating fabrics that have been quilted together.  I got the material from the Quilt Cabin in Colby.   Doris Mote did the quilting.  I thought they turned out really cute.  They were actually not too difficult.  Here is a link to Curby's Closet to get the pattern:  "Too Cute to Kick Off" Boots.  I made the flowers from felt.  I found an easy tutorial.  Here is the link:  Easy Felt Flowers.  They were so simple to make and looked great.  The tutorial recommended using coins to make a pattern for the flower.  I used dimes to make a small flower.  Maddie and I made a larger flower for her using quarters for the template.  We are going to make it into a hair clip for her.  I have definitely found another fun thing to make!


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