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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Maddie's 10th and Grant's 2nd Birthday Party

We were excited to be done with harvest and able to celebrate Maddie's tenth and Grant's second birthday on July sixth (Maddie's actual birthday!)

I say this every year, but I can't believe how quickly time has flown and how much these two have grown!  With Maddie hitting double digits, I am starting to realize anew how important it is to enjoy every moment.

Maddie is into horses, so I wanted to make her a horse-themed cake.  I really like cupcakes because they are easy to serve.  For instructions on how to make this cake, see this post.

Grant loves Elmo (or "Mo-Mo," as he calls him), and I knew if would be easy to make Elmo cupcakes.  I simply used black decorator gel to make the mouths, then piped red stars on with a #16 Wilton tip to make the fur.  The nose is an orange pretzel M & M, and the eyes are candy eyes bought at Walmart .

One note:  I made these ahead of time and froze them.  When they thawed, the black on the eyes bled a little bit.  I used some black decorator gel over the top to cover up the blurred edges.  In the future I would add the eyes later to prevent this problem.

Anna helped Grant blow out his candle.

It took a little bit for Grant to get the hang of opening presents, but his cousin Abby was ready and willing to help!  We gave him his quilt, which I had finally finished the binding on (post to come later hopefully!).  He also received a large Tonka dump truck, wooden alphabet blocks, a Duplo lego zoo set, PJ's, and a wooden stacking puzzle.  He also received some birthday money which we will soon put to good use--I am wanting to put together some bins for him to use to stay occupied during school time!

Maddie received a Samurai sword, art supplies, a play horse stable set, the Jungle Book movie, and birthday money as well!  (She wants to use the money to buy a Samurai sword for Evan because she thinks he would like one, too!)

I couldn't get Grant to look up because he was too busy playing with his new favorite toy--a combine with Donald Duck to drive it!  Happy birthday, my dear boy!  You bring such light and life into this world.  I love your smile and the way you grab my hand to lead me outside when you want to go play.  I am excited to see you grow and change over the next year.   I love you so much!

Love,  Mom

Look at that smile!  Maddie, your heart for God and for others makes me so proud to be your Mom.  I enjoy seeing you work on projects and looking for ways to serve others.  You have a gift for seeing what others need or would like.  You are so generous and kind.  I look forward to seeing what this next year will bring for you.  I love you dearly!  Happy Birthday!

Love,  Mom


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