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Monday, July 7, 2014

Swim Teacher Gift, Take 2!

Last year, the kids and I made this to give to their swim teacher after they completed their lessons.  Judging by the number of hits that post got, I thought others might be interested to see what we did for their swim teachers this year.

Having just finished two weeks worth of lessons (three hours each morning since I had three in different levels!) we definitely felt like celebrating with some cupcakes.  Since we were finishing up on July 4th, we baked cupcakes in star-spangled cupcake liners.  (Local people, check out the cupcake liners at the General Store in Sharon Springs--I love them!)

I put the cupcakes into clear plastic cups after frosting them with red frosting.  The kids were more than happy to help with 4th of July-themed sprinkles (The sprinkles were also from the General Store, just FYI.)  I wrapped the cups in cellophane because I was out of clear plastic treat bags.  I will be stocking up on those because the cellophane was much harder to work with than the bags would have been.

I found the labels here at Crazy Little Projects.  Maddie cut out the circles, punched a hole, and tied them on with a ribbon.  They were so proud to be able to give their teachers something they had helped make.  Maddie and Evan each passed their level, and Anna did great in hers.  I was really proud of how hard they had worked.  Lyla is so excited to be old enough to take lessons next year--it should be interesting!

Hope you have a blessed day!

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Swim Teacher Gift
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