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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Apron Making

I get so excited when I finish a project.  I finally got the buttons sewed onto Anna's apron yesterday.  When I found the flip flop buttons at Walmart, I was pretty excited that they would match the fabric I had already picked out.  Hopefully I can wait until Christmas to give it to her!  I got started on Maddie's yesterday as well and will post pictures when I finish it.  I love this apron, and the pattern is fairly easy (although I still end up having to redo things because I don't always read as carefuly as I should!).  You can find the pattern here: Kids Four Corner Apron,  All this sewing for my girls has made me think that my boy should get something for Christmas that I have sewn.  So, I have in mind an idea for a "manly" apron for him.  I found some really cute dinosaur fabric to use.  I'll post it, also, when I'm through.  For now, it feels good to cross another project off my list and put Anna's apron in my gift bin!
Okay, so I was all excited to get Maddie's apron done today.  I couldn't wait to come up and take a picture.  To my dismay, I noticed that when I sewed on the strap, I incorporated a twist!  I'm sure I have made this mistake before--will I ever learn?!  It will not be hard to fix, but it was still a bummer.  So, Maddie's apron will be done soon.  Since the coordinating fabric was fairly busy, I opted not to sew a button to the flaps on the top of the apron and pocket as I did Anna's.  To help the flaps to stay in place, I hand-stitched the corner of each flap to the fabric underneath.
Looks like it was a hit!


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