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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick Church Night Supper

The kids have AWANA on Wednesday nights.  They have to be there by 5:55, so that means I need to make supper early.  I should be starting supper by 4:30 at the minimum, but sometimes that doesn't happen.  Last night was one of those times.  What were we going to eat?  Then I had an idea taken from a recipe my mother-in-law makes.  I simply started a box of wild rice on the stove.  In the meantime, I thawed about two cups of broccoli in the microwave and a half-pound of cooked ground beef that I had frozen previously.  When the rice was finished, I threw in the broccoli, ground beef, about three quarters of a cup of cheese and heated it through. 

With some grapes on the side, I had a fast, one-pot meal.  Lois, my mother-in-law, does this with roast beef and peas.  Her roast beef has some onion seasoning on it which lends the dish some wonderful flavor.  As it was, my dish was a little bland.  We added some soy sauce, and it was a hit with the kids.   I'm thinking that using a package of beef or chicken-flavored rice instead of just the long grain and wild rice would boost the flavor as well.  You could use any combination of meat and frozen veggie that you like.  Hope this comes to mind for you when you need a meal fast!


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