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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Evan's Sixth Birthday

I can't believe my son is six.  Where has the time gone?  He requested a blue T-rex with different-colored spots on it.  I went ahead and ordered a Wilton cake pan to make the T-rex.  I used blue frosting where it called for green.  Instead of coloring lots of different frostings for the spots, I used Spree candies instead.  Evan was able to direct exactly which color spot he wanted and where it should go.  I really enjoy being able to make what my kids want without having to do lots of extra work!
 I also frosted some chocolate cupcakes blue and put Sprees on the top of them for decoration.  Evan and Anna were able to help put the Sprees on; this helped me and made them part of the preparation as well.  Evan was really excited about the cake and had a great time at his party. 
The weather was beautiful--seems like in March it's usually cold, windy, rainy, or a combination!  We were able to be outside which kept cake crumb clean-up to a minimum!
Time to play!


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