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Friday, April 6, 2012

Ladybug Applique

I had in my mind an idea to make a ladybug applique, and I finally got it done.  I put this on a hoodie towel as a gift for a little girl.  I think it would also be darling on a pillowcase dress.
First, draw your design on cardstock.  Fold the cardstock in half and draw half of an oval.  Then draw an antenna and three legs.  Draw wing and dots.  Cut this out, unfold and draw wing and dots on other side.  Then make two copies.  Cut the wings out of one copy, and the dots out of the other.  You only need three of the dots.
Apply Wonder Under to back of fabric.  Trace and cut out the entire pattern and dots in black (or whatever color you want body, antennae, legs, and dots to be).  Cut out wings in pink (or whatever color you want to use.)
First place body and iron into place.  Then place wings and iron, then dots and iron.
Applique in place.  I used dark pink thread around the wings.  (I drew a dividing line with disappearing ink to guide me.)  Then I used black thread around the legs, body, antennae, and dots.  I did the wings first, but if I did it again, I would do the legs first.  It was a little tricky to get up as close to the wings with my black thread as I needed to.  Had I done the legs first, I could have overlapped a bit and then covered it up with my pink thread.  I added the little girl's name underneath, using the same fabric and thread as I did for the wings.  I think it really pops against the green fabric of the towel.  For more info on making a hoodie towel and placing applique patterns on it, see here.


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