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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quick and Easy Fringed Fleece Blanket

Lyla had a cow-themed birthday party this year.  I decided to make her a cow print fleece blanket to go along with the theme.  I made her blanket with two yards of fleece fabric.  This is a nice size for hiding under, fort-making, etc.  It also will tuck under the mattress on a toddler bed.  To make a similar blanket for an infant, I recommend 1 1/4 yards of fleece.
Fold the fleece, lining up the selvage edges.  Place the fold on a line on your rotary mat, and use the fold to square up the edge.  (You will be cutting on the edge without the selvage here.)  Repeat for the opposite side.
Keeping the fabric folded, turn the fabric and cut off your selvage edges.
With the fabric still folded, cut a 3 inch by 3 inch square from each corner.
For cutting strips, I highly recommed a Quarter Cut cutting guide.  You can slip your rotary cutter into the groove that you want to cut and cover 12 inches of material at a time.  This is so much better than using your ruler to cut one strip at a time!  I place a length of masking tape at 3 inches so I have a guide on how far to cut my strips.  (I also have tape at 4 inches for other projects.)
Line up the bottom edge of the Quarter Cut with your material and cut your fringe.  I cut every 3/4 inch for this blanket, but an inch works well, too.  As you near the end of your material, you may need to adjust slightly so that you don't end up with a really skinny or really fat strip of material right at the edge.
Unfold your material and fold again, lining up your uncut edges.  Cut your fringe on this side.
And you are done!  See, I told you this was quick and easy.  Put this in your gift bag and mark it off your list!


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