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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Anna's Fourth Birthday

We celebrated Anna's fourth birthday with family and friends in May, but it has taken me a while to get the pictures up.

For Anna, I knew that the central theme of her birthday party was going to be PINK!  Whenever I would ask her what kind of birthday cake she wanted, it was always a pink . . . something!  We were going to have a pink spider or a pink T-rex before she finally decided on a pink flower. 

I looked online for ideas on making a flower cake before I decided to just go ahead and get the Wilton daisy cake pan.  I think that I will be able to use this tin again--either for Lyla or even a baby shower.  I decorated it according to the directions that came with the pan.  I even used a strawberry cake mix so that this cake would be thoroughly pink!  I found balloons on Birthday express that were pink with white flower outlines on them.  I also got some green ones for the boys that would be in attendance.

I didn't get a direct picture of the cupcakes, but I used leftover frosting to decorate them.  I frosted them light pink.  Then I used 5 stars on with a #16 tip to make the petals in dark pink.  I put a yellow M & M in the middle.  Finally I put white dots around the edges using a #3 tip.  Nothing too fancy--I was able to decorate 12 cupcakes quite quickly.

I know Anna was pretty excited with her cake even though she is not showing it here!  Once we began eating it, she perked up a little.

Then it came time for presents, which her siblings were all too happy to help out with.


And finally a bit of a smile for the bubbles!  At this point, Anna has decided that she will have a pink spider cake for her fifth birthday.  Time will tell to see what she settles on!  Hope this gives you some ideas for your pink-loving little ladies!


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