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Monday, June 25, 2012

Swim Teacher Gift

Maddie, Evan, and Anna just finished private swim lessons a little while ago.  Their instructors did a great job with them and worked them very hard for a week.  (They definitely slept well at night!)   I was wanting to get their teachers a little something, so I was thrilled to find this idea for a gift.  See here for instructions on assembling and also to download the labels.

I followed the instructions with the following changes:

We used blue tissue paper in the bottom instead of paper grass because I couldn't find any.

We used stickers instead of washi tape (again, I couldn't find it nearby and did not want to wait on shipping.)  I found lots of fish stickers in the scrapbook area at Walmart, and my kids picked the ones they liked.

I placed the fish inside a baggy because it was recommended by the manufacturer of the paint cans I ordered.

I did find the Swedish fish at Walmart--I had never seen them before so I was not sure they would have them.

If you live far away from Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc. as I do and are looking for these plastic paint containers, you can order them online at The Container Store.  They are so cute that I ordered several in different sizes.  (More gift ideas in the future!)  I used the 4" by 4" size for this project.

My kids had a great time putting the stickers on.  I was surprised at how meticulous my four year old was with it.  They were so proud to give their handmade gifts to their teachers as well!


  1. Nice, I liked as you decorated this box beautifully. It looks so nice. Thanks for sharing the idea of this swimming gifts.


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