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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Picture

I saw a picture like this on Pinterest, so I decided to recreate it with my children.  I used washable markers to write on their feet--this was a bit tricky because they were ticklish.  Then I took pictures of them individually and also together with their message for Dad.  I was blessed that day to have all children cooperate--it's rare to get them all looking at the camera and smiling when I'm trying to get a picture.

I put the individual pictures into a collage on the photo center at Walmart.  I had to keep shuffling the pictures until I got them in the right order. 

The day we took the pictures, I didn't get the heart washed off Lyla's foot before my husband saw it after lunch.  When he asked her about it, Lyla started yelling, "Pictures!"  Luckily, the word was hard to understand, so I don't think he figured it out.

Of course, today at lunch, Maddie mentioned something about Daddy's surprise for Father's Day.  Anna chimed in with, "Mommy really tickled me when she wrote on my foot with that black marker!" 

Needless to say, I recommend doing this as close to Father's Day as possible to help keep things under wraps! 


  1. More pics of those cute little feet:-)

  2. Lovelly cutie feeties and cool blog, from brazil. “Footsie-tootsie“. ;)


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