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Friday, June 8, 2012

Powercat Appliqued Hoodie Towels

One of my good friends was expecting a third little boy.  She and her husband are big K-state fans, so I decided to make a K-state baby quilt for his arrival.  I wanted to make something for his two big brothers, so I made them hoodie towels and appliqued powercats on them.  I found some great K-state purple towels at Walmart.

To see how to sew the towels, look here. 

I found a powercat image online and enlarged it to the size I wanted.  I printed off two copies onto cardstock.  I cut out the figures on one copy and then cut out the outline on the other copy to use as a template.  This greatly helped with the spacing.

I ironed wonder-under onto my gray fabric and traced the design onto the back.  Don't forget to trace it backwards at this point!

I placed my template on the towel and got it centered.

Then I placed the pieces inside, carefully removed the template, and ironed the pieces on.

I like to place fray check around the edges of the material I am going to applique--this makes the material a little stiffer and easier to work with.  Also, a towel is going to be washed often, and this will help to protect from fraying.

Then I used a tight zig-zag stitch with matching gray thread to applique the powercat in place.  I highly recommend using a tear-away stabilizer on the back side of your towel.  This helps your project to look much more finished.  Without it, my stuff is much more wrinkly. 

My friend, Christina, has an embroidery machine, so I had her add the boys' names underneath the powercat on their towel in gray.  (I'm really starting to want an embroidery machine; I'm waiting until a good time to bring it up to my husband!)

I think they went along great with the K-State blankie for their little brother!

I'm sure little brother won't mind him using it, for now!


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