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Friday, October 19, 2012

Ham & Cheese Pockets

We have our fair share of sandwiches for lunch.  And, while my kids are big fans of PB & J, I like to change it up sometimes with something a little different.  This recipe definitely fits the bill.  It's also quick and easy to prepare, which makes me happy, too!

Ham & Cheese Pockets

1 can refrigerated crescent rolls
4 slices American cheese (or any cheese you would like to use.  I have used provolone sometimes and also shredded)
Sliced deli ham

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Grease an 8 by 8 inch pan with cooking spray. Press half of the crescent roll dough into the bottom of the pan, pinching seams to seal.  Place ham on top of the rolls--I like to rip mine up a bit with my fingers so the kids have an easier time biting into the pockets.  Top with cheese slices and remaining dough.  Bake for 17 - 19 minutes or until golden brown.  Cool slightly before serving. 

For extra cheesy pockets, place a layer of cheese over the dough before you put the ham on.  You can also make these into pizza pockets.  Just use pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and some pepperoni!  One last tip:  you can make this into a 9 by 13 inch recipe by doubling it.

Hope you enjoy this one for a quick and fun weekday lunch!


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