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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Carousel Cupcakes

We made these treats for Vacation Bible School today.  They turned out so cute--I had to post them.

For each carousel, you will need the following:

1 cupcake
Three animal crackers
A drink umbrella

We let the kids build their own carousels, so for each one we put a large dollop of frosting on the plate along with a plastic knife. 

For sprinkles, we liked the idea of each child having their own sprinkle container.  But, what to use?

We had used these multi-purpose containers for ranch dressing the day before.  You can find them at Walmart in the paper goods aisle. 

Using a single hole punch, I punched two holes in the top of the lid.  Put some sprinkles inside, pop on the lid, and you have your own personal sprinkle container!

The kids had a great time with them, from pre-school kiddos to the junior high aged helpers. 

Looking for a way to tie this into a Bible lesson?  Well, our verse today was on obedience.  We asked the children if their are rules/commands that you have to follow when riding on a carousel or other amusement park ride.

Some answers included:

"Don't jump off."
"Wait to get on until the ride is over."

We talked about why those rules are in place.  They are in place to keep you safe.  That't the same way with God's commands!  Then we practiced their verse with them.

I will hasten and not delay
to obey your commands. --Psalm 119:60

Hope you enjoy this fun project with your kiddos, Sunday school class, or birthday party!


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