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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Monster Appliqued T-shirt

Sometimes it seems like I am making more things for my girls than I am for my boy.  Let's face it, those little dresses are so cute and easy!  So, I was thrilled to find the idea for this monster appliqued T-shirt.  The inspiration for this project goes to my cousin-in-law, Kendall.  She posted a picture on facebook of a T-shirt that she had made for her son (also in Kindergarten).  When I saw it, I knew I had to make one for Evan.

Start by drawing your basic design on cardstock.  Then make two copies.  Cut out the body of the monster out of your original drawing, then cut the mouth, teeth, eyes, and pupils out of your copies.  Apply wonder-under to desired fabrics.  Trace the designs backwards onto the paper of the wonder-under and cut out.  Iron on to T-shirt and applique away.  Don't forget to put some tear-away stabilizer on the back of your T-shirt underneath your design.

I recommend using lots of pins to hold your stabilizer in place.  This is the largest pattern I have appliqued onto a T-shirt, and I had a little bit of problem with the monster wanting to gather.  Some extra pins took care of that.  You can also use an iron-on stabilizer.  I have some that I have tried, but it is not as thick as my other stabilizer, so I am still getting the hang of it.

I think Evan was happy to have a project that I made for him.  For other boy-suitable projects, see "Man-pron," an apron for a boy and Appliqued Hoodie Towel.  Happy Sewing!

That said, while I was researching this project, I did find some really cute girly monters on other blogs.  This pattern could be done with some pink/flowery fabrics to suit the little girls in your family as well!


  1. Too cute Megan! We need to actually meet some time and let our "little monsters" play! I mailed your material yesterday.

    1. Thanks, Kendall. I was thinking it would be fun to get together sometime. Thanks for getting the material for me. I think I'm going to make a shirred dress with it because I am also making another pillowcase dress for my niece. I'll post pics! Take care, Megan


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